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The Raymond Boyce Foundation
has a mission and goal to provide education on asthma and allergy management, early diagnosis, treatment, awareness and advocacy.


The Raymond Boyce Story

Raymond overcame a painful journey with asthma. As a child, he had such a severe level of asthma that he could barely breathe and lived in an oxygen tent. In spite of his illness, Raymond wanted to play the saxophone. through the prayers and faith God heal him. Watch his story!

Raymond Boyce Foundation

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The Raymond Boyce Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation is organized under the non-profit public benefit corporation law for Charitable and Educational purposes.

The Raymond Boyce Foundation programs and initiatives support individuals and families with Asthma and Allergy-related conditions in living a high quality of life. In addition, the programs for the Raymond Boyce Foundation consist of and will consist of  but shall not be limited to: Supportive and Referral Services; Homeless Prevention; Veteran programs; Mentorship, Juvenile and Interventions;  Enrichment Programs; Career Seminars; Wellness Seminars; Domestic Violence, Awareness;  Prevention and Intervention; Tutoring; After­ School Program (s) for youth at high risk;  Job training and Job Placement; Substance Abuse; Women Sexually Assault Support Groups and Advocacy; feeding programs; Community and other programs to aide those at risk. 

Raymond Boyce Foundation

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